Welcome to Arsenal FC Mesut Ozil


Welcome to Arsenal FC Ozil! A very talented, highly gifted player from Real Madrid finally joins Arsenal! A rare star signing from Arsene Wenger who’s known for signing French players. Happy that he’s gonna play for the gooners but was hoping that Wenger signs more than just another midfielder.

We really need another good striker and defender. Giroud finally answered his critics with all the goals scored. What happens when he’s off-form? Injured? Nak harapkan Wallcot? Hampeh, lari je laju, bukannya boleh dribble pun and tak consistent. Bendtner? Tak payah nak cakap apa2 pun dah tau useless sampai tak ada club yang nak beli dia. Padolski injured 10 minggu, Ox-Chamberlain no experience. So don’t get too carried away la Arsenal fans.

Dapat 1 star player dah happy terloncat loncat. Tah apa apa ntah. So let time decides if 1 star player can carry the club.